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Weight loss can only occur when the body is in balance, which also includes proper food intake and exercise. When that happens, achieving a target weight can be done with a lot less effort than you might think, once you know what to do.

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to become more successful losing weight by using a simple step-by-step process that thousands have already used to lose weight and regain their health?

Besides losing a massive amount of weight, which just melted off (this is embarrassing to admit but I was a size 22 and am now a size 14). I am 5'8" so I am almost back to my ideal weight. Best of all I regained my health after 30 years.

What is most amazing of all - I got rid of fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, high blood pressure, high glucose and a host of other health challenges!

Don't lose hope - it is never too late. It is awesome to feel healthy and have the energy to do all that I want! Don't suffer and waste so much time struggling like I did. I am so excited with my results that I just have to share them!

This is my story of how I got my hormones healthy, in an easy to understand program, step-by-step in laymen's terms. Once my hormones were back in alignment the weight just melted off.

But, the reality is this, (I really hate to say it, but it's the truth), If you keep doing what you're doing now, then nothing is going to change.

   If 2009 wasn't quite the year you hoped for, then read on…

From the desk of:  Rosemary R. Evans - December, 2009

I've tried to lose weight so many times.  But this weight loss method actually worked for me!

No more money spent on “diet aids” or “diet programs”

No more starving, no more counting calories

We've all heard it before, and we know it's true:


But I discovered what did work for me, and I want to tell other women and men about it.

You can read my story in my new Ebook:
“Live Your Perfect Weight Ebook - The Missing Link to Weight Loss” 

I know you want to feel amazing - healthy, vibrant and be at your perfect weight.

Wouldn't it be nice if, once and forever, gone; all the struggles, all the ups and down of yo-yo dieting!

I have spent the last 30 years researching to find the “missing link” because of my own health and weight loss problems and now I want to share how I achieved great health and am able to live my perfect weight. My Ebook explains this missing Link to healthy weight loss and methods I have used to achieve a healthy life.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • Worsening PMS
  • Restless sleep, difficulty sleeping, multiple awakenings during the night
  • Loss of energy, feeling too tired to get through the day
  • Premenstrual migraines, more frequent migraines
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Increase in tension headaches and stress
  • Aching joints (the doctors said I had fibromyalgia, because I got so bad that I could hardly move)
  • Muscle soreness, stiffness, fibromyalgia pain syndrome
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Mood swings, menopausal, episodic tearfulness for no reason, irritability, angry out-bursts and spells of depression (doctors seem to want to put you on anti-depressants instead of finding the real reason you are depressed)
  • Worsening allergies, sensitivities to chemicals, perfumes
  • Palpitations
  • Anxiety attacks
  • ”Spiking” blood pressure, higher blood pressure than normal
  • Blood sugar fluctuations, pre-diabetic or symptoms of diabetes
  • Irritable bowel problems
  • Dry eyes
  • Hair getting thinner, more scalp hair loss
  • Nails are dry and brittle
  • Facial hair increases
  • Skin becoming dry, crawly and looser; less elastic due to decline in collagen; wrinkles starting to appear
  • Vaginal dryness, pain with sex
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Bladder changes, more infections, pain on urination, more frequent urination, and urinary leakage
  • Posture becoming more slumped as bone is lost from spine
  • “Spare” tire around middle - abdominal fat gain
  • Food cravings
  • Have you had a hysterectomy or does your doctor want you to have one?
  • Difficulty losing weight, even with diet and exercise

Sad to say, but I had all of those symptoms and suffered for years. I spent thousands of dollars on supplements, crèmes, diet-aids and doctors, trying to find help and answers.

Are you tired of being told that you need to exercise more and eat less and it is not working, because you have little or no energy to exercise?

Imagine being able to understand a major cause of weight gain, with numerous unwanted health problems, and understanding an often overlooked way that could make it all go away - in a healthy, natural way. Imagine being able to be restored to a perfect weight level, with health and energy. Imagine being able to do all that you were meant to do and all that you want to do!

Have you been told you have high blood-pressure, high glucose levels, high liver enzymes, or told you have fibromyalgia??  Or worse still, Epstein-Barr Syndrome, and that you would never be well?  I have - but no more - that is all in the past - everything is all normal!  I have normal glucose levels, healthy liver enzyme numbers, and great blood-pressures numbers (that of a 20-year-old, yet I'm in my 60's).  Oh, and no more fibromyalgia or EBS!!! Isn't that amazing!!!!weightloss ebook


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This is about the way that I discovered my missing link to healthy weight loss. The information was “out there” all along, but who knew?? And, the even bigger question is, “Why didn't somebody tell me about this before?”

There is no reason for anyone to suffer all of the symptoms that I did. I want to spread the word that suffering with pre-menopause, menopause, or post-menopause symptoms, hot flashes, and unwanted weight gain is not necessary and is a huge waste.

Wouldn't it be great if there were:

  • No more diets - Diet's do not work for permanent weight loss, especially if you have a hormone imbalance!!!
  • No more dragging through your days, with no energy!
  • No more feeling depressed, miserable and unhappy!
  • Are you on anti-depressants, and still feeling hormonal and stressed?
  • No more shopping in the “Large Marge” (Women's Plus Sizes) stores (with sincere apologies to “Marge”).
  • No more feeling deprived, cheated or neglected.
  • No more feeling embarrassed over your size.
  • No more hiding behind others in family photos.
  • No more feeling sluggish, sick and tired.
  • No more sleepless nights.


In a matter of minutes you can have the tools - the missing link to healthy weight loss - to be better informed and change your life.

Have you gone through so many diet plans like I had in the past, only to lose a few pounds and then see them return again???

Have you lost weight only to regain it back, plus extra? Always seems to be extra!!

Are you tired of counting calories and measuring food? Or watching your skinny friends eat what ever and you're stuck with a lousy salad, yet again???

Remember what I said in the beginning - I've released the weight - no dieting, no starving, no kidding!!! It's true!

This Ebook covers nearly everything I learned about changing my life, being healthy, losing weight, and balancing my hormones. I was so happy when I found the answer and now I want to share this news with everyone.

weightloss ebook

My experience is told in plain English - layman's terms, which means it is easy to read and understand and it is so logical that you will wonder why more people don't know about this, and especially why your doctor hasn't told you about this before!

This is an electronic book (Ebook) which means you can download it to your computer in a flash.  That means you can be reading the ebook in as little as 5 minutes from now!

This is information that you can take to your doctor and be an informed patient. You can discuss this information with your doctor and together develop a program that will discover your own missing link for a healthy life. This is BIG NEWS - this information will change lives.

This Ebook reveals products and foods that are sabotaging your health by contributing to hormone imbalance, which throws the whole body out of whack!

This Ebook emphasizes the importance of being healthy inside and out, with tips on skin care, by me, a licensed aesthetician, that go along with a healthy, energized body. Wouldn't it be great to turn the clock back 5, even 10 years, or more?

This Ebook teaches you how you can be in touch with your “true, authentic” self, so you can sing the song you came to sing. This is a Ebook for the “total you.”

weightloss ebook

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"Change Your Script and Change Your Life Ebook"

This free report will help reclaim your healthy life. It will help you discover your incredible power and will help you believe in you. This report is full of life-changing thoughts and encouragement to help you live in the moment, love the moment, and love your life. You will learn how to change what you say to yourself when you talk to yourself, which can change your life forever.

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"Healthy Body - Healthy Skin Ebook"

This report is full of skin care tips to have younger, healthy looking skin. It will answers questions you have on taking care of your skin, written by me, an aesthetician, who truly understands the function of the skin. These tips will help you have the skin of a much younger person, naturally. You can look radiant, alive, and healthy.

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"No Dream Too Big"
Audio Seminar by Vic Johnson. A $19.95 Value

An Amazing Audio Seminar that will empower you To reach to the stars, raise your standards, set bigger goals, and achieve them all! Helps you build some bigger dreams. Listen online or Download MP3 Audio format.

This is an amazing value, and this powerful audio seminar normally sells for $19.95!  This information will blow your mind.  Vic Johnson changed my life by reminding me of my incredible power and he will help you to regain yours. You are blessed because he is willing to give this information to you free!

But... I don't want you to take my word on how great this information is. Read what others have to say :

“I have watched Rosemary transform from a fatigued and frustrated person, struggling to lose weight, to a positive, energetic person who as a bonus was able to resolve her weight loss problems. This Ebook is her story.  It is an inspiration to the many other women and men who feel there is no way out.  Rosemary's story reminds us that there is a solution, if only we can discover that elusive door waiting for us.  Rosemary leads the way and breaks open that door."
Dr. Laurie Marzell, N.D. Portland, Oregon

“I absolutely love this incredibly informative Ebook.  Rosemary Evans is a very passionate and dynamic writer who is determined to help you change your own life.  She shares her own experiences and encourages you to believe that your health can be transformed to the more optimum state.  She has a clear vision how to guide you and inspire your every step of this process.  Rosemary's own incredibly energetic, passionate and caring personality shines through with every word that she writes.  This Ebook is really easy to read, filled with valuable information and organized in a logical way.  I would highly recommend this Ebook to anyone who wants to manage and balance his or her health and live a fuller and more enjoyable healthy life.”
Marina Volod, Aesthetician, Entrepreneur, Owner/CEO of DermaEsthetica

Now you can only get this product from me.  It's not available in Ebook stores or libraries or anywhere else on the net.  Just imagine being able to get these answers downloaded to you right now.  No waiting - no leaving your home and going to the Ebook store.

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Wishing you great health,

Rosemary R. Evans

P.S. My passion is to help you have the health and life you deserve, by giving you information to have you live your perfect weight.  Don't delay, order now and start today!!! 

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